Terms and Conditions for use of this site

By using this Website you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

APPENDIX A) Terms used

Administrator / Owner - The person or people who own or run this Website.
Originator - The creator of content for the Website. This could be a member, a visitor, or one of the Administration.
Website - The structure of pages and content contained within one or several domian addresses. This incorporates any "Clubs" run on this website.
Content - Graphics, text, animations, or other multimedia form created by one person or a group and placed on or linked to from this Website.
Body - Referring to a company, club, Website (or forum), or other group of people.
Third party - Anyone not part of the Website Administration.
User - Anyone who uses this Website, be they a member or visitor.

1) Content Ownership

1.1 - All content on this site is the property of the Admin Team and it's Originator (if provided by a third party). 1.2 - Any user providing content for use on this site gives the Admin Team full permission to edit, display, link to and publish said content in any way the Admin Team chooses. 1.3 - The Admin Team agrees not to use this content for negative purposes, such as anti-advertising campaigns, or to insult or injure the Originator in any way. 1.4 - The Admin Team agrees to hide the identity of the Originator of supplied content if requested, unless said content breaches the rules or any law. 1.5 - Content on any external Website linked to from this Website (including forums) is not considered to come under these terms and conditions. All material on external Websites are subject to that Website's terms and conditions only.

2) Content Usage

2.1 - Content may only be copied, displayed, linked to, published or referred to in any way by its Originator or the Admin Team. 2.2 - Any person or body that wishes to copy, display, link to, publish or otherwise use the content on this site must gain permission from the content Originator or Admin Team in writing beforehand. 2.3 - Any unauthorised use of content from this site may result in legal action being taken against the offending person or body. In such cases this will be dealt with under UK law.

3) Website Usage

3.1 - All users of this Website agree to use it's facilities and services fairly and without misuse. 3.2 - All users and bodies agree not to advertise, link to, promote, or referr to this Website without permission from the Admin Team. 3.3 - Any user or body gaining permission to advertise, link to, promote, or referr to this Website must do so as per their request, or the directions given by the Admin Team. Any deviation may result in legal action being taken against that user or body. 3.4 - Any user or body wishing to advertise their own website, service or product must gain permission from the Admin Team beforehand. Any advertisments placed on this website or it's forums without permission can and will be deleted by the Admin Team at their discression.

4) Forum usage

4.1 - The forums' contained within this website contain an additional user agreement which must be complied with in addition to the terms and conditions laid down on this webpage. 4.2 - The forum user agreement is dispalayed through the forum registration process and must be agreed to before an account is created for use in the forums. 4.3 - Anyone viewing the forums as a guest (someone without a member account) agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of section 3 - "Website usage".